Reports surfaced on Wednesday morning that Mississ 2013-04-27

Reports surfaced on Wednesday morning that Mississippi State cornerback Darius Slay has a torn meniscus in his knee, news that comes at a rough time for the borderline first-round prospect. But Slay doesn't believe it's a serious problem.

Slay told Around the League on Wednesday that he was told by doctors he would not require surgery on the injury. Slay has since worked out for two teams: The Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles. Slay said he worked out for 16 teams in all and only one asked for an extra MRI.

"They say I just need to ice it down because it's not that bad. And then I can get right back up," Slay said. "Nobody said I needed surgery."

Slay says that the Falcons and Eagles saw Slay was moving well last week, and had no complaints. Of course Slay's camp wants to get their side of things out there, but it doesn't appear the injury should be a major concern. Slay ranked No. 59 on Mike Mayock's Top 100 big board.